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These girls were tenants to this guy. He was their landlord but he liked shortcuts and he did not do things the way they had agreed. That was not ok with them and they had to punish him because they did not want to enable his behavior. That is why they cruelly trampled him with high heels. They did it together for it to be more painful than he expected it to be.

This mistress tried to hang out with this guy. He had hit on her and she considered it for a while before she learned that he was too horny for her. Everything he did revolved around sex and that was not ok with her. That is why she had to crush his dick with her sneakers before she told him that things would not work out between the two of them.

Mistress Lea caught her slave masturbating and she had to punish him. She wanted to teach him to stop doing it and she had to make it painful for him to drop the habit. She threw him down on the ground and she jumped on him and stomped on his balls and his cock and trampled them using her boots. She crushed them and made him cry like a little kid.

Mistress Morgan and her slave were competing with other mistresses and their slaves to climb some rock mountain. Mistress Morgan is very competitive and had set out to win the competition. But the slave had not gotten the memo and he was dragging her behind. She was pissed off and decided to give him an incentive. She crushed him using her high heels and jumped on him. She also kicked him and told him to expect worse if he did not improve his speed.

Mistress Cynthia was taking a walk when this guy seated outside his house cat called her. She got pissed and had to teach him some manners. She went up to him and without saying a word, she pushed him down and she trampled him with her shoes on. She jumped on him and enjoyed how he cried in pain and asked for forgiveness. She trampled his face before she let him go.

Mistress Maeva does not like an unkempt house. This slave ignored what she told him and he had to pay for it. She threw him on the ground and jumped on him. She trampled his face and his balls with her shoes and did not care what he felt. She wanted to send a strong message that she did not want that mistake repeated. The slave had no choice but to heed the message.

Mistress Maeva is at once sexy, fun and cruel in this trampling clip where she completely dominates her slave. She is intense as she tramples him and walks up and down his body like a human carpet. She dances around and jumps on him then sits on top of him so she can smash her feet into his face. She has a lot of fun being cruel to this slave.

Mistress Cassi looks like an exotic angel in her black stretch pants and sultry high heels as she takes her slave outdoors to a secluded spot where she can dominate him with her high heels. She makes him lick her shoes clean and suck all the dirt off then she stands on top of him with her full weight and tramples him. She adds to his humiliation with some face trampling.

This sexy brunette Dark Mistress is excited about her first time trampling. Her slave lies down outdoors. She slowly steps on him with her high heel shoes. Once she gets the hang of it, she tramples him and stands on his throat. She forces her high heels down on to his neck and balls and digs the heels into his body all over with her full weight pressing down on him.

Mistress Maeva forces her slave into the woods after a rain. She sees a good sloppy spot and makes him lie in the mud so she can trample him with her muddy boots. She walks all over him like a human carpet then makes him lick and eat all the nasty mud that is caked all over the bottom of her boots. His body and mouth are full of mud.

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