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Lady One was on a mission to instil discipline. So she made her slave lie down without his shirt on. She whipped him and trampled his body with her high heels while he begged her for leniency and mercy

Miss Elise puts her slave through some brutal ballbusting and trampling. She has on some high heel boots with sharp heels and brutally kicks her slave in the body and balls again and again. She stands on his body with her full weight trampling him with her high heels and digs the heels into his balls for some painful ballbusting. She is so cruel to her slave and he loves it.

This dominating mistress puts on some brutal trampling shoes to dominate her slaves. The high heels have painful spikes all over them that she jabs him with. She then kicks and steps on his balls and tramples all over his body digging her spiked high heels into him all over. She makes him lie in different positions so she can take full advantage of all the spikes in her high heels to dominate him.

Two cruel racer girls get their hands on one of their best friends. They order her to lie still and don't move. They both climb on top of her face and boy and start trampling her. They stomp her butt , chest and even face. How cruel are these sadosisters. Those dominating racer girls sure know how to have a good time. This brutal punishment goes on for hours and hours. I bet their friend is going to unfriend them on facebook.

Mistress Anjelika is a sexy brunette mistress that has just discovered one of her new favorite pass times as she stands on her slaves nuts barefoot. She takes her sexy bare feet and she smashes his nuts with them as she stands on top of him with her full weight pressing down on his nuts. This mistress enjoys making her slave suffer as she stands on his balls over and over again.

Goddess Megan is a sexy mistress that takes her sexy bare feet and uses them to trample her slaves balls as she crushes them with her full weight causing her slave as much pain as possible. She even invites her friends over so that they can all take turns trampling his cock and balls with their bare feet. All of these sexy mistresses use their bare feet and violently trample their slaves balls.

These two mistress are in the mood to choke and stomp on their slave. Mistress Lydie jumps from the bed and jumps on his balls and throat at the same time. The slave yells in pain but loves being beating. Then Mistress Lea takes her shoes off so she can stomp on his balls with her bear feet. Mistress Lea loves to mutilate her slaves throat and balls until she satisfied.

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