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She had used other methods before to trample her slave and make him cry out. This time round, she wanted to try using her sneakers. So she wore them and trampled all his body

When Sindy looks at her slave, she has a great idea. She puts her slave on the ground and stands on her table. She jumps on his bare chest. She wants to know how long it will take for him to beg for mercy. She jumps on his chest from the table and the sofa. After she takes her shoes off, she is happy to jump on his bare chest.

Looking at her sweet face, the victim could not imagine that July could be so brutal. She stepped on his chest with her high heels and enjoyed as the heels dug deep into his skin. As he groans in pain, she takes one shoe and crushes his mouth making him kiss the sole. She removes her high heels and jumps on his naked chest and stomach on a complete show of domination.

Svenja is one sexy lady. But being hot is not the only title under her belt. She is also an expert in domination. Clad in a t-shirt and an underwear, her slave probably thought it was his lucky day. But she had other ideas. She had him down and with her sandals, trampled his poor face without any mercy. She removed the sandals and continued the trampling, crushing and hurting the poor slave in the process.

Slave gets used as a human punching bag, sadistic Mistress has some fantasies she wants to make reality. Today is the day she will make it all happen. Her slave has nowhere to run, she starts out by ordering him to get on the ground and stomping his stomach. Clearly this treatment is inflicting a lot of pain on him. Next she starts with his face. She forces him to eat the heels of her shoes after stomping on his face.

Two cruel racer girls get their hands on one of their best friends. They order her to lie still and don't move. They both climb on top of her face and boy and start trampling her. They stomp her butt , chest and even face. How cruel are these sadosisters. Those dominating racer girls sure know how to have a good time. This brutal punishment goes on for hours and hours. I bet their friend is going to unfriend them on facebook.

She has just bought new high heels especially to punish this disobedient slave. He is ordered to lie on the floor and not to move. The Mistress starts trampling his entire body, even his face does not get spared. When will this punishment stop? Only the cruel and sadistic Mistress knows. Even his balls get stomped on with her newly bought high heels. Clearly this Dominatrix is enjoying punishing this poor slave of hers. What did he do to deserve this?

Hot blonde Jane abuses her male slave by trampling on top of his head with her pretty bare feet. The slave lies on the floor suffering under the full weight f Jane as she tramples and smushes his head with her sexy bare feet with red painted toe nails. She gives him her full pressure as she stands on top of him with the full weight of her bare feet.

Gina Blonde is a babe that loves to keep her feet looking good. She also can appreciate her pretty feet on her slave's face. He is going to get a close up of her feet. She will have her slave get on the ground, so he is able to kiss and worship her feet. He must lick her feet clean from any dirt or debris.

The hot brunette Mistress Xenia tramples all over her slaves face as he lies on the couch underneath her. Xenia takes the time to trample over his face with her black boots causing the slave to be in a great deal of pain Her high heeled balck leather put a lot of pressure on her slaves face and he grimaces and grunts as she puts the full weight on him

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