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Lady Stefanie is gifted at punishing guys. She is so good at it that other people bring losers and slaves for punishment. She does not charge them as she is good at it and she loves doing it. She enjoys it and for her no money can buy the happiness humiliating guys gives her. She loves to do it as a hobby. Today she crushed this guy's cock using her high heels after being told why he had to be punished.

Lady Stefanie was disappointed with her slave because of what he had said about her. He had lied about her and said a lot of falsehoods to her neighbors. She did not care what they thought of her but she was concerned that he was comfortable lying. She did not want a liar in her house so she punished him by trampling him. And she did it with her high heels to make it more painful.

Looking at her sweet face, the victim could not imagine that July could be so brutal. She stepped on his chest with her high heels and enjoyed as the heels dug deep into his skin. As he groans in pain, she takes one shoe and crushes his mouth making him kiss the sole. She removes her high heels and jumps on his naked chest and stomach on a complete show of domination.

BlackDiamoond likes variety. She tortures not one but two slaves. One naked and the other one hooded, she digs her heels into their skins, and delights in watching them cry out in pain. Her joy is so evident in her laughs as her slaves have no option but to endure the torture she subjects them to. She orders one slave to remove her heels and continues trampling with her bare feet.

Mistress got her hands on her first female slave. She is ordered to get on the floor and not move. Mistress gets ready to jump on top of her. Slowly walking all over her body even her face gets trampled. What a cruel punishment for this disobedient slave. Hoping for the punishment to end she screams out in pain to let the Mistress know she is punished enough. This however encourages the Mistress to step it up one notch and become even more sadistic

What a cute girl we have here, she really is adorable, but that is just her exterior. She has a cruel and evil side to her. Her ex boyfriend came over trying to get back together. But she has other plans. She orders him to get on the floor and start trampling him. How humiliating for him, he really needs to get his act together. How can he allow this sadistic Mistress to take advantage of him like that.

Two hot Dominatrixes are playing a trampling and stomping game with one of their slaves. They invited him over for a cup of coffee. But once he got to their flat there was no coffee. He should have known better, he is ordered to lie on the floor. The cruel dominatrixes start jumping on top of him trying to inflict as much pain as possible. What a cruel and sadistic trampling game they are playing. His ego gets crushed by these ball busting Mistresses

Horny Mistress gets really turned on by smearing her dirty socks all over her favorit slaves face. She and her blonde friend order this slave to get on the floor and not move. He better follow all their instructions or his punishment will be even more severe. They now take turns trampling his face and even get him to lick their dirty socks. Those smelly feet need some attention and his tongue is perfect to give it to them. What a wonderfull day for these blonde sadosisters

She has just bought new high heels especially to punish this disobedient slave. He is ordered to lie on the floor and not to move. The Mistress starts trampling his entire body, even his face does not get spared. When will this punishment stop? Only the cruel and sadistic Mistress knows. Even his balls get stomped on with her newly bought high heels. Clearly this Dominatrix is enjoying punishing this poor slave of hers. What did he do to deserve this?

What a day for this hot mistress, she has her slave all for herself and decides he needs to be trampled on. She starts off slowly , but quickly she becomes violent and brutal. Stomping his entire body with her high heels, even his face doesn't get spared. Why is this slave letting her do this? He must be very afraid of his Mistress. Will she punish his balls and trample his feet? What a loser getting dominated by a hot blonde mistress

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