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Melissa is dressed sexy in red vinyl that matches her extremely high heel boots. She stands on her slave with her heels digging in painfully. She even stands on his face and throat with her high heel boots. She takes her boots off for some humiliating facestanding and continues to trample him all over his body. She dominates her slave and pushes him around to get what she wants from him.

The poor guy thought he was going for a picnic with Mistress Alyae. But to his shock, Alyae, with her converse shoes on, tramples on him without any second thoughts. She takes a high jump and lands on his stomach before crushing his face with her sneakers. She then enjoys trampling his throat and enjoy the pain that her full weight has on her slave's body. The slave has no option but to endure the torture.

Horny Mistress gets really turned on by smearing her dirty socks all over her favorit slaves face. She and her blonde friend order this slave to get on the floor and not move. He better follow all their instructions or his punishment will be even more severe. They now take turns trampling his face and even get him to lick their dirty socks. Those smelly feet need some attention and his tongue is perfect to give it to them. What a wonderfull day for these blonde sadosisters

Hot brunette mistress Rubella is wearing her white Nike boots as she tramples all over her shirtless slave boy as he lies on the floor underneath her. she jumps on him, stands on his face, throat and balls and then sticks her boots into his open mouth so he can clean her boots with his filthy tongue. She dominates and humiliates him as he lies powerless underneath her full weight

Miss Katarina is a sexy mistress that takes her slave while wearing high heel sandals and gives him a savage trampling that he will not soon forget. She gets on top of him while wearing her heels and she jumps on him landing on his body with her full weight and smashing him over and over again. She even stands on his throat smashing him air way closed so he struggles to breathe.

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