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Sexy and dominating blonde Denise put on some painful high heels for her trampling session with her slave. She walks all over him in the high heels like he was a human carpet and even digs the heels into his face. She takes her heels off so she can jump up and down on top of him and crush his skinny loser body with her full weight while he lies there helpless.

Gorgeous blonde in a short black skirt and stockings, Mistress Mandy, walks all over her slave trampling him and jabbing him with her high heels. She takes her shoes off but leaves her stockings on as she jumps high in the air and comes crashing down with her full weight on his stomach and chest. She finishes him off with facestanding as he lies there in pain and helpless against her brutal domination.

Blonde mistress Annett looks so cute and innocent with her fair skin and sexy little black dress, but she is more brutal than she looks. She yells insults at her slave who lies on the floor at her mercy. She proceeds to stand on him and trample him in her high heels then take off her shoes for some bare foot facestanding then jumps up and down on him with her full weight.

Horny Mistress gets really turned on by smearing her dirty socks all over her favorit slaves face. She and her blonde friend order this slave to get on the floor and not move. He better follow all their instructions or his punishment will be even more severe. They now take turns trampling his face and even get him to lick their dirty socks. Those smelly feet need some attention and his tongue is perfect to give it to them. What a wonderfull day for these blonde sadosisters

It is just another day at Mean Girl High School as this gorgeous blonde fixes herself in the mirror as her slave boy lies underneath her serving as her personal human foot stool. The nerd gets abused and humiliated by one of the hottest blondes in the school as she stands and tramples over him in her high black boots. He lies on the floor in the bathroom underneath her

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