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Hard and vicious trampling clips

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Unfortunate slave gets used as a human carpet by his Mistress and her Godess friend. They have him on the floor every day covered by a carpet. They just love walking all over him and using their full body weight to jump on top of him. The slave is in pain 24/7 and has no way out. He sees no light at the end of the tunnel, it is here that his mental disorder gets formed. His cruel and sadistic Mistress don't care they enjoy watching him suffer

It is just another day at Mean Girl High School as this gorgeous blonde fixes herself in the mirror as her slave boy lies underneath her serving as her personal human foot stool. The nerd gets abused and humiliated by one of the hottest blondes in the school as she stands and tramples over him in her high black boots. He lies on the floor in the bathroom underneath her

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