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Madam Mysteria is a cruel mistress who is not satisfied with your standard trampling of a slave. She wants to make sure they are crushed and humiliated under her full weight. She stands up on a chair so she can have plenty of force when she comes crashing down on her slave 10 times. She lands on him and her bare feet dig into his chest and stomach. He lies there humiliated and in pain.

Murderotica is a supple brunette babe with gorgeous hips and an appetite for slave humiliation. She stands on top of this slave crushing his chest with her full weight and poses for the camera. She loves feeling his body flatten under her feet as she walks on him like a human carpet. Trampling slaves is one of her favorite things to do and she tries to do it often.

This mistress's best punishments involve her high heels. They are lethal and she uses them to great effect by trampling her slaves and inflicting pain on them with the heels

Alternative goddess Sandy is wearing a short black skirt and thigh high, high heel boots for her trampling session with her slave. She stands on his chest with her high heels digging into his flesh then walks around like he's a human carpet. Then she takes her boots off so she can tramples him with her bare feet until he lies there humiliated and in severe pain from the high heels marks.

Mistress Jana is a stunning, but dominating hottie who pulls no punches when it comes to hurting her slaves. She humiliates this loser by making him lie on the floor while she brutalizes him and tramples him with her high heels. Then she pulls her shoes off so she can jump high in the air and come crashing down crushing his body under her full weight and tramples his head.

Mistress Natalia is a cruel brunette who gets off on the pain of her slaves. She wears high heels so her trampling will be even more painful when her high heels dig into her slave's chest. Just when he thinks the torture is over, she pulls off her shoes and starts trampling him again. This time she jumps up and down crushing his body under her full weight while he lies there humiliated.

Lady Milena gets off on the humiliation of her slave. She orders him to lie in the floor completely still so she can practice her balancing on his face. She steps up on his face with her sexy bare feet and stands on it with her full weight. She balances as long as she can and slips off with no regard for his comfort. He must take the facestanding or suffer worse.

Gia and Kourtney are two stunning brunettes in sexy black leather who are sure that their female slave Kacie is possessed by a demon. They humiliate her by making her crawl across the floor between their soft sexy feet so they can trample her hands. Kacie is completely dominated by these two intensely hot and cruel mistresses who have strong, soft and supple legs and bare feet that trample her hands with their full weight.

Nikky Thorne likes to get creative with her humiliation and domination of her slave. She puts on some sexy black stockings and makes her slave lie on his stomach so she can trample his back with her full weight. She stands on his ass crack forcing her toes into his crack before jumping up and down crushing his ass under her feet. She jumps up and down for more full body trampling.

Tall, thin and sexy brunette Lady Senna puts on her special high heel shoes with skulls so she can humiliate and dominate her slave with facestanding and trampling. She stands on his stomach, digging the high heels in, while she pushes her high heels down on to his face. All he can do is lie helpless while she tramples him with her full weight walking all over his chest and stomach.

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