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Loser is invited by chubby topless Godess for a free healing session. He thinks he is going to help her get rid of his back pain with a gentle massage. Boy , is he wrong. He gets ordered on the floor and sheepishly obeys. Mistress gets her high heels in position and starts literally walking all over him. That must hurt. Even his cock and balls get trampled by her high heels. Will this severe punishment ever stop?

Balls get trampled on by this sadistic Mistress. She really enjoys the inflicting this type of excruciating on her slave. He deserves it for being disobedient. In her High Heels she starts slowly walking all over his body. Even his balls and cock don't get spraed. In fact she gives it special attention by using extra trampling force. If the slave knows whats good for him he wont move until his dominating Mistress tells him to

What a day for this hot mistress, she has her slave all for herself and decides he needs to be trampled on. She starts off slowly , but quickly she becomes violent and brutal. Stomping his entire body with her high heels, even his face doesn't get spared. Why is this slave letting her do this? He must be very afraid of his Mistress. Will she punish his balls and trample his feet? What a loser getting dominated by a hot blonde mistress

Lady Charlotte is a stylish mistress with a pair of cute Converse sneakers. She is going to use her stylish sneakers to stomp on her slave's face. She will walk directly on his face with her sneakers, and love every minute of it. She even stands with both sneakers on his face using her full weight. Lady Charlotte loves her dominating and sadistic ways.

Mistress Maurice is one of the hottest babes ever. She loves to put on her white platform boots and walk all over her slave in her hall. She demands her slave lay down on the floor while she walks on him, and even takes the heel of her boot and puts it in his mouth. She is very sexy when she does her painful torture.

The Sado sisters are two of the hottest babes ever to be ladies that love to trample and stomp. They are going to take one slave, and completely brutalize him in every way. The girls will use their bare feet to jump up and down on the slave's body. The slave is going to feel the full weight of each babe as she crushes his body.

Mature Sina is a very hot mature lady that loves to trample her slave. She will use her bare feet and step right on the top of her slave's face. The slave will be in pain, but Sina doesn't care. She loves the power she has when she is trampling a slave no matter where she tramples the slave. The slave will be in lots of pain.

Mistress Demonia and Mistress Rebella are two very fun mistresses that love to stomp and trample their slave. He is going to get the painful end of the trampling, because they are going to be wearing very high heels. The heels will dig into the slave's body giving him a huge amount of pain. The girls are going to be so happy watching their slave showing signs of pain.

Lady Sina is a sucker for a well behaved slave. She absolutely loves it when a slave knows how to make her happy. She will remove her shoes and have her well behaved slave lay on the ground. Lady Sina will then walk all over his body and face with all of her weight smashing his body. Trampling is something she totally loves to do.

Mistress Lydie is a very sexy babe that looks amazing in her blue dress with black stockings. She is going to have her slave lay down on the ground, so she is able to walk all over him with her black stockings. He will be trampled and even sat on by the sexy Mistress Lydie. She is deeply amused by all of the trampling she has done.

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