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Annabel is a cute but cruel mistress who really gets off on inflicting pain on her slaves. It gets her excited and she is always coming back for more. She stands on this slave crushing his chest with her full weight and her high heels dig into his flesh. She stomps on him brutally and smashes his body under her heels. She then takes the heels off and tramples him with her feet.

These two very cute and dominating brunettes work together to torture 2 slaves at the same time. One slave is an old guy and the other one is a tiny Asian guy. The girls hold hands while trampling both slaves at the same time. They jump up and down crushing both slaves with their full weight. They stomp them and walk back and forth all over them like they were a human catwalk.

Lady B is into doll trampling and she has the perfect boots for it. Her boots are heavy with big chunky heels that do a lot of damage to the doll. She steps on the top with her full weight and smashes it flat into the floor. She walks all over it and you can barely see it sticking out from under her boots. The doll is completely crushed when she is done.

Princess Pumagirly is a sexy mistress wearing a pair of sneakers as she gets her slaves cock ready to be trampled. She takes a board with a hole in it and puts his soft cock through the hole and rests it on the outside of the board. She then stomps on his cock with her sneakers and her full weight as she smashes it between the board and her shoes.

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