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Mistress Anjelika is a sexy brunette mistress that has just discovered one of her new favorite pass times as she stands on her slaves nuts barefoot. She takes her sexy bare feet and she smashes his nuts with them as she stands on top of him with her full weight pressing down on his nuts. This mistress enjoys making her slave suffer as she stands on his balls over and over again.

This skinny slave is in for a trampling as a life time as he lays down on the floor wearing nothing but a pair of jeans as he lays on his back and gets ready to get trampled. He then lays still as a total of nine sexy mistresses all stand up on top of his body with his full weight and they all trample him together putting over five hundred pounds on his body.

Goddess Megan is a sexy mistress that takes her sexy bare feet and uses them to trample her slaves balls as she crushes them with her full weight causing her slave as much pain as possible. She even invites her friends over so that they can all take turns trampling his cock and balls with their bare feet. All of these sexy mistresses use their bare feet and violently trample their slaves balls.

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