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Gina Blonde is a babe that loves to keep her feet looking good. She also can appreciate her pretty feet on her slave's face. He is going to get a close up of her feet. She will have her slave get on the ground, so he is able to kiss and worship her feet. He must lick her feet clean from any dirt or debris.

Mistress Lea is a very nice babe that has a streak of naughty. She loves to have her slave over to her home so she can brutalize him. She will use her bare feet to walk all over his face. She will even shove her foot into his mouth. The slave will get to feel all of weight on his face and body. The slave will suffer.

Jessy is so cute when she is trampling her slave. Her slave is going to lay on her floor and face the music of Jessy's full body weight on his body and on his face. The slave is going to get ready for some major pain. She is loving the trampling she is giving with her bare feet right on him face and mouth. He is so weak.

Saskia and her girlfriend Emily are always looking for new forms of entertainment. Sometimes the entertainment involves a slave that is seeking domination. This slave has no idea that Saskia has a girlfriend that is just as sadistic as she is. Both ladies are going to take turns stepping on the slave, and then putting all their weight on his body and face. The slave is going to be so sore.

A group of cute girls from the club are going to take turns on a weak slave. Teodora, Alex, and Eileen are all going to jump on and use their full body weight on a slave that thinks he can handle all the weight. He is going to soon find out that these lovely ladies are going to brutalize him and there is nothing he can do about it.

Sexy Mistress Kitty as her slave just where she wants him, lying on the bridge in the middle of the woods. The hot, tall blonde tramples his head and face and his cock and balls without worrying about anybody looking. She crushes his throat hard with her pretty bare feet depriving her slave of air for a long time. She steps violently on his cock and balls causing severe pain

Athena and mia love to abuse their slave Gommolo. This time the two sexy girls stomp and trample all over the skinny slaves head as he lies shirtless on the floor being a good little submissive slave. The two girls jump, bounce and stomp on his face and head without worrying about the consequences which could be a bad injury to Gommolo's head and neck but they don't care.

Mistress Alex, Mistress Eileen and Mistress Gia are three sexy mistresses that all work together to trample their slave with their sexy bare feet. These three all stand on their slave as he lays on the floor with their full weight pressing down on his chest and legs. These three sexy mistresses all work together to give their slave a trampling that he will not soon forget as they all crush him with their bare feet.

Mistress Jane is a bitchy mistress that shows her slaves no mercy as she wears her black high heels and tramples him violently as he lays on the floor. She takes and stomps on his body and his balls with her high heels on and then she takes her bare feet and tramples his entire body all over again leaving him in pain on the floor as she gets ready to trample him again.

Mistress Lydie has come home and was expecting to find her slave finished with all of his chores but she finds him laying in her bed instead. She is angry and punishes him by making him lay down on the floor and she tramples him with her flip flops on and then she tramples him with her bare feet. This sexy mistress takes takes her anger down on her slave as she tramples him over and over again.

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