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Hard and vicious trampling clips

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Jenny wanted to test this slave's endurance. So she wore her boots and then jumped on his bare upper body. Then she removed the boots to trample his face with her bare feet

Carley and Fiona do not like babies. And when they found a baby doll in their apartment, they trampled it and stomped on it until it was totally destroyed

Jenna and Giselle had a score to settle with this slave. So they lied to him and when he came over, they had fun taking turns to trample his face and body with their bare feet

Princess Aalya is purposely walking around dirty stables trying to get her high heels filthy with manure. Her slave now has to lick those high heels clean. What a kinky Princess. Her slave better obey or he will get stomped on. This dominating Princess knows what she wants. She orders her slave on the floor and starts trampling his entire body. How cruel is this Mistress, what did her slave do to deserve this sadistic punishment?

Lady Manon is a very sexy babe that loves to put on a sexy nightie with a pair of her black leather heels. She will then walk all over her slave with her heels. The heels will dig into the chest and neck of her slave giving him all sorts of pain. She loves what she is doing to her slave with all the pain and torture.

A very super elegant and pretty mistress named Vivian is going to take trampling to a whole new level. She is so sweet, but so sadistic. Her long legs that are super model perfect will wear the best looking heel ever and step right on a slave. The slave is so happy to be in her home and laying on her floor, he begs her to walk on him.

Mistress Maeva's high heeled boots are so brutal and painful, but that is why she wears them. She will do everything in her power to give her slave a great deal of pain while trampling him. She will stomp on him, choke him, and even trample his balls. The slave will have to endure a great amount of pain from this super hot and amazing mistress.

Lady Mercedes B takes pride in her vicious boots. She loves to walk on and trample her loser slave with her super kick ass black leather boots with a heel made for pain. She will then take off her boots and smash her dirty feet all over his face. His face will show the pain he is in, because she is really being cruel and mean.

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