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Stunning Lady-K looks sexy in stripes as she stands in a short skirt and stockings faceslapping her masked slave before making him lie down for some full body trampling. She steps up on his stomach like he was a human carpet and walks all over him with her full weight. He has to lie there and take her trampling torture or he is going to get his face slapped again.

This loser pervert wanted these girls to dance for him, but had no money so they made him their trample slave. They make him lie in the floor while they take turns jumping up and down with their full weight on his stomach and balls. He has to lie there until all three of these hot sluts are tired of trampling him and dominating him with their beautiful bare feet.

Miss Elise puts her slave through some brutal ballbusting and trampling. She has on some high heel boots with sharp heels and brutally kicks her slave in the body and balls again and again. She stands on his body with her full weight trampling him with her high heels and digs the heels into his balls for some painful ballbusting. She is so cruel to her slave and he loves it.

Lady Marunice puts her slave through body and face torture by trampling him with her huge white high heel boots then subjects him to brutal facestanding with her bare feet. She walks all over his loser body like it was a human carpet and stands on his face with both feet and pushes her full weight down on him forcing his head into the floor. She brutalizes his entire body with her bare feet.

Gorgeous tattooed redhead Eleonore shows no mercy to her skinny slave. She stands on his body in her high heels with her full weight pushing her heels into him. She sits her sexy ass on his chest while she takes off her shoes and tramples him with her full weight all over his body and stands on his face. He is subjected to brutal facestanding both with bare feet and painful high heels.

Lady Milena gets off on the humiliation of her slave. She orders him to lie in the floor completely still so she can practice her balancing on his face. She steps up on his face with her sexy bare feet and stands on it with her full weight. She balances as long as she can and slips off with no regard for his comfort. He must take the facestanding or suffer worse.

This dominating mistress puts on some brutal trampling shoes to dominate her slaves. The high heels have painful spikes all over them that she jabs him with. She then kicks and steps on his balls and tramples all over his body digging her spiked high heels into him all over. She makes him lie in different positions so she can take full advantage of all the spikes in her high heels to dominate him.

Mistress Maeva forces her slave into the woods after a rain. She sees a good sloppy spot and makes him lie in the mud so she can trample him with her muddy boots. She walks all over him like a human carpet then makes him lick and eat all the nasty mud that is caked all over the bottom of her boots. His body and mouth are full of mud.

This idiotic thief had the balls to steal articles of clothing from a cruel dominating mistress Sweetbaby so now he has to be her loser foot slave. She makes him lie down on his stomach with his hands stretched out. First she makes him lick the dirt off her high heel shoes. When they are nice and clean by his tongue, she tramples all over his hands digging the high heels in crushing his fingers.

Beautiful but brutal fair-skinned brunette Gloria makes sure that her slave can not move in his plastic cocoon so she can insult him and choke him before trampling all over his entire body. She walks on him like a human carpet and digs her bare feet into his chest and stomach. She continues to yell insults at him as she dominates him with her bare feet pushing her full weight down on top of him.

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