Trampling Clip

Hard and vicious trampling clips

Some pervert was supposed to pay these girls for their services but he started being a dick so they make him lie down while they stand on his face with their bare feet. They couldn't think of anything more humiliating for their new slave than to put him through brutal facestanding crushing his face under their full weight, smashing their bare feet into his face and jumping up and down on him.

Mistress Natalia is a cruel brunette who gets off on the pain of her slaves. She wears high heels so her trampling will be even more painful when her high heels dig into her slave's chest. Just when he thinks the torture is over, she pulls off her shoes and starts trampling him again. This time she jumps up and down crushing his body under her full weight while he lies there humiliated.

Three tender and petite young girls in sexy bikinis take turns torturing a skinny slave. They dominate him by standing on his throat with their full weight and trampling him all over his body. He starts to choke under the weight of their feet so they start facestanding on him and crushing their bare feet into his mouth and all he can do is just lie there and take their abuse.

Jade is so excited to be trampling a slave for the first time and she wants to make sure that her domination over him is painful. She wears some high heel boots with a spike heel so they would dig into his flesh. He grimaces in pain as she walks all over him. She then pulls off her boots and he thinks he's off the hook but she jumps up and down on him with her full weight.

These two cruel girls make their female slave lie on her stomach on the couch so they can trample her. They start by slowly standing on her head. Then both of them stand on her head and body. Then they both get really cruel and start jumping up and down crushing this poor girl under their full weight. They subject her to brutal full body trampling and cruel jumping up and down.

Mistress Lisa loves nothing more than trampling a slave with her brutal high heels. She makes her slave lie next to the fireplace so she can hold on while she stands on him and makes him lick her shoes. She takes her high heels off and tramples him in her stockings and shoves her toes in his mouth. She stands on his chest with her full weight and starts jumping up and down.

This sexy brunette Dark Mistress is excited about her first time trampling. Her slave lies down outdoors. She slowly steps on him with her high heel shoes. Once she gets the hang of it, she tramples him and stands on his throat. She forces her high heels down on to his neck and balls and digs the heels into his body all over with her full weight pressing down on him.

Emily and Sibilia just do not like their friend Alexandra so they like to use her as a foot slave. Today they are feeling extra brutal so they make her lie in the floor while they stand on her throat with their full weight. They place their bare feet right on her throat and stand up forcing their full weight down on her neck as she fights to take a breath.

Mistress Marry Lou ties up her slave nice and tight so he can't move while she brutally tramples him. She stands on him in her dirty sneakers with her full weight pushing down on his chest then steps on to his face. She subjects him to facestanding in both her shoes and bare feet. She knows it is cruel and she likes it that way. She loves having a human carpet around.

Blonde mistress Annett looks so cute and innocent with her fair skin and sexy little black dress, but she is more brutal than she looks. She yells insults at her slave who lies on the floor at her mercy. She proceeds to stand on him and trample him in her high heels then take off her shoes for some bare foot facestanding then jumps up and down on him with her full weight.

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