Trampling Clip

Hard and vicious trampling clips

With her innocent face, you would never have guessed how cruel playboy model Daidra can be. Wearing flip flops, she gets on top of her victim and tramples on her chest, with her full wright brought to bear on his poor body. She then removes her flip flops and gets a kick out of crushing her victim's face with her bare and sweaty feet as the victim writhes in pain.

Sibila and Teodora are masters of cruel trampling. With their victim, Bambina, tied down, they crush her mercilessly. One of them steps on her face only leaving her room to breath while the other one is by with her stomach. The trampling leaves her broken lips sore. All this while, she is enduring the pain that their feet are inflicting on her face and her body because she's scared they might make it worse for her.

The poor guy thought he was going for a picnic with Mistress Alyae. But to his shock, Alyae, with her converse shoes on, tramples on him without any second thoughts. She takes a high jump and lands on his stomach before crushing his face with her sneakers. She then enjoys trampling his throat and enjoy the pain that her full weight has on her slave's body. The slave has no option but to endure the torture.

When Annabell gets down to domination, it is a serious affair. Wasting no time, she gets on tip of her bare chested slave with her high heeled shoes. He moans but this only emboldens her. She even takes time to crush his face with the sole of her shoes and then removes the shoes to trample over his chest and stomach without any mercy for her poor slave who is in pain.

BlackDiamoond likes variety. She tortures not one but two slaves. One naked and the other one hooded, she digs her heels into their skins, and delights in watching them cry out in pain. Her joy is so evident in her laughs as her slaves have no option but to endure the torture she subjects them to. She orders one slave to remove her heels and continues trampling with her bare feet.

Svenja is one sexy lady. But being hot is not the only title under her belt. She is also an expert in domination. Clad in a t-shirt and an underwear, her slave probably thought it was his lucky day. But she had other ideas. She had him down and with her sandals, trampled his poor face without any mercy. She removed the sandals and continued the trampling, crushing and hurting the poor slave in the process.

As Mina and Colette enjoy their time in the park, Colette learns what trampling is. As soon as she says she is ready, Mina calls her slave over. Colette keeps her shoes on and starts to walk up and down her first man. She is shaky at first but she begins to enjoy her experience. Before the day is over she asks Mina how to get a slave to walk on at home.

Mistress Leelo has seen some rough places. When she comes home, she loves the peace and quiet. As she finds someone that has been following her, she punishes him in her own way. She gets him on the ground and begins to step all over him. As she gets angrier, she begins to jump all on him. She doesn't care that he hurts, she only wants to stomp on him.

When Lady Morgana takes her slave out, she expects him to be well behaved. Her slave chose not to mind his manners so she took him to a park. She stripped him of his clothes and made him lie down. She took off her shoes and started to walk all over him. As she walked, she told him how worthless he was and how he deserved the punishment she was giving.

Layla and Jane have to teach their slave that he may be a hot shot in his day job but they hold the power behind closed doors. They go to his office and begin to use his furniture against him. The slam chairs on him, step on him and jump on him. They enjoy walking on his face and kicking him hard enough to tear a groan from him. Thankfully the office is soundproof.

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