Trampling Clip

Hard and vicious trampling clips

Mistress Mara gets lots of men looking at her but all she wants to do is trample them with her high heel shoes. She brings a slave home so she can walk all over him with her high heel shoes and trample him like a human rug. She leans against the wall for leverage and stands on his face. She takes her shoes off so she can do some barefoot facestanding.

Melissa is dressed sexy in red vinyl that matches her extremely high heel boots. She stands on her slave with her heels digging in painfully. She even stands on his face and throat with her high heel boots. She takes her boots off for some humiliating facestanding and continues to trample him all over his body. She dominates her slave and pushes him around to get what she wants from him.

Mistress Jana put on some hot knee high black suede high heel boots so she could put her slave through as much punishment as possible. She stands on his chest with her full weight and tramples him, digging her high heel boots into his stomach and chest. She takes the boots off so she can stand on his face with her bare feet then jumps up and down on his chest.

Gorgeous and athletic princesses Dara and Melissa share a slave. They make him lie down while they both stick their dirty and stinky bare feet in his face. They even start trampling him and stand on his face with their full weight. They work him over from one end of the room to the other and make him sniff their bare feet and get trampled until they are satisfied with his humiliation.

Mature and dominating Mistress Maras puts on a sexy black dress so she can trample her slave and humiliate him. She stands on his chest with her full weight and digs his high heels into his flesh. She takes off her shoes so she can stick her bare feet in his face and starts jumping up and down on his chest. He has to lie there until she is finished.

Saskia is only 19 but she knows how to humiliate a slave. She puts on her sneakers and tramples her slave all over his body. Then she stands on his face with her shoes on. She don't think he's had enough so she takes her shoes off and continues to trample him and stand on his face with her bare feet. He's tied up so all he can do is lie there.

Cute little redhead Sindy loves to put men through pain. She pus on some extra spikey high heels and stands on her slave's chest with her full weight. As if he hadn't had enough pain and humiliation, she walks all over him and sticks her high heels in his face. She then takes off her high heels and stands on his throat and continues trampling him and humiliating him until she is satisfied.

Sweet little beautiful girl Adriana may be innocent looking, but she show no mercy when she is dominating and humiliating her slave. She makes him lick her shoes clean then takes them off so he can lick her bare feet. She furthers the humiliation by standing on him and trampling him. She has him tied up nice and tight so she starts spitting in his face and there is nothing he can do.

When Jenny comes home, she sees that her slave is not in uniform. She puts her slave on the floor and starts to walk all over him. She knows her high heels are hurting him and she wants to do just that. She takes off her shoes and starts to jump up and down on his chest. As she tells him how worthless he is, she is happy to keep jumping.

Before Aleen goes to work, she gets dressed and practices her new sexy dances on her slave. She walks up and down his chest, telling him how she feels. When she is comfortable, she puts on her shoes and she begins to grind and twist her ass on his chest. She loves to look at his face as she is moving on him. She also loves to watch his face when she twists and causes him pain.

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