Trampling Clip

Hard and vicious trampling clips

Mistress Kitty loves to be outside and smell the fresh air. However, this time she won't be alone. She is going to have her slave join her, and really show him a thing or two about her high heel boots. She is going to full body stomp and trample him digging her pretty high heel boots into his body. There is nothing he can do about it.

A group of cute girls from the club are going to take turns on a weak slave. Teodora, Alex, and Eileen are all going to jump on and use their full body weight on a slave that thinks he can handle all the weight. He is going to soon find out that these lovely ladies are going to brutalize him and there is nothing he can do about it.

Sexy Kimbaley is always looking for a good time to show her hidden talents. One of her talents is the ability to step on and trample her slave. The slave has a huge crush on her, so he lets her do whatever she wants to him. Each time it gets more and more brutal and extreme. The slave will never learn his limits with her in his life.

Sexy students love to wear whatever they want at school. It makes no difference to them what their teacher allows in his class. The teacher tries to tell them this is the last time they will wear their boots and short skirts, but finds out that he is better off keeping his mouth shut. The girls are going to stomp on their teacher and teach him a lesson.

It is just another day at Mean Girl High School as this gorgeous blonde fixes herself in the mirror as her slave boy lies underneath her serving as her personal human foot stool. The nerd gets abused and humiliated by one of the hottest blondes in the school as she stands and tramples over him in her high black boots. He lies on the floor in the bathroom underneath her

Hot brunette mistress Rubella is wearing her white Nike boots as she tramples all over her shirtless slave boy as he lies on the floor underneath her. she jumps on him, stands on his face, throat and balls and then sticks her boots into his open mouth so he can clean her boots with his filthy tongue. She dominates and humiliates him as he lies powerless underneath her full weight

Gorgeous American mean girl totally abuses her slaves face as she uses him as her own personal footstool standing on top of his face in her bare feet and then sitting on him with her sexy ass to work on her laptop. She wears her see through stocking panties as she places her hot ass right on top of his nose and mouth letting him breathe her sexy ass in

Exotic brunette beauty Lady Saya puts the full weight of her hot body on top of her slave as she tramples him with her bare feet. first she walks over his head and chest with her white heels and then kicks her heels off and practices her dance moves over his head and body. She is wearing her short school girl skirt and her tight top as she tramples him

Lady B puts the full weight of her body on top of her fat slave wearing her black ranger boots which leave indentations in his bare skin. She tortures her slave by stomping up and down on his stomach in her black boots and then trampling over his bare hands. She even squeezes his nipples as she rubs the front of her boots back and forth over his sensitive skin

Pretty brunettes Teodora and Sibilla weigh themselves to see what theri combined weight is as they stomp and stand on their female slave. They want to see how much pressure their skinny slave bitch can endure as they stand with theri bare feet on top of her head crushing her head into the couch. The girls are wearing their sexy white spandex pants as they take turns standing on her

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