Trampling Clip

Hard and vicious trampling clips

Miss Katarina is a sexy mistress that takes her slave while wearing high heel sandals and gives him a savage trampling that he will not soon forget. She gets on top of him while wearing her heels and she jumps on him landing on his body with her full weight and smashing him over and over again. She even stands on his throat smashing him air way closed so he struggles to breathe.

This mistress gets down on her slaves face. Dafne is is a sexy sophisticated woman that knows what she wants in a slave. She has big sexy feet size 8.5 and she knows how to crush throats and stomps on faces to the point that she leaves high heel marks on her slaves face. She like to make her slave beg for more. Mistress Dafne loves to dance on her human platforms.

Mistress Katjas loves to stomp on her slaves face. The slave shows up at her house thinking hes going to get smothered but Mistress Katjas has put on some sexy high heel shoes and puts his head in the smother box and turns on her favorite cd and starts dancing on his face until its all red with marks from the heels. You can see the heel imprint deep in his flesh. Then she takes off her shoes and gets down to her bare feet and does it all over again.

These two hot princesses have nice sexy bodies but all they want to do is find a guy who will come home with them. They find this loser that is drooling and his jaw is on the floor. So they get him to come home with them he thinks hes getting a piece of ass but little does he no these girls wont give it up they wont to stomp on him. They rip his clothes off and through him down naked and dance on his whole body in front of the golden mirror dancing with bare feet and to music.

These sexy American Mean Girls are doing their part to protect their country as they take a terrorist and torture him by trampling him and getting him to tell them secrets about the terrorists. These mean girls have no problem brutally trampling their terrorist with their sharp high heels and then stomping and kicking him over and over again causing him as much pain as possible with their sharp heels.

This sexy mistress is working her slaves face with her sexy feet as she tramples him violently with her full weight pressing down on his face and body. She is wearing a pair of white sneakers as she stands on her slaves face and presses her shoes into his face causing him as much pain as possible. She even jumps on his face with her sneakers on as she tramples him violently.

This skinny slave is in for a trampling as a life time as he lays down on the floor wearing nothing but a pair of jeans as he lays on his back and gets ready to get trampled. He then lays still as a total of nine sexy mistresses all stand up on top of his body with his full weight and they all trample him together putting over five hundred pounds on his body.

Mistress Sweetbaby is a sexy mistress that is busy teaching her teacher a lesson as she puts on a pair of boxing gloves. She takes the gloves and punches him as hard as she can until he drops to the floor. She then takes and tramples his hands with her high heels and her full weight and smashes his hands until his skin peels off his hands from her intense trampling.

Goddess Megan is a sexy mistress that takes her sexy bare feet and uses them to trample her slaves balls as she crushes them with her full weight causing her slave as much pain as possible. She even invites her friends over so that they can all take turns trampling his cock and balls with their bare feet. All of these sexy mistresses use their bare feet and violently trample their slaves balls.

Princess Pumagirly is a sexy brunette mistress that takes her slave and tramples her slave with her sexy ballerina flats on her sexy feet. This sexy mistress takes her slave and puts her shoes on his face and smothers him with her shoes. She then takes her full weight and tramples her slaves face with her feet causing him as much pain as possible as she walks all over her slaves face.

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