Trampling Clip

Hard and vicious trampling clips

Balls get trampled on by this sadistic Mistress. She really enjoys the inflicting this type of excruciating on her slave. He deserves it for being disobedient. In her High Heels she starts slowly walking all over his body. Even his balls and cock don't get spraed. In fact she gives it special attention by using extra trampling force. If the slave knows whats good for him he wont move until his dominating Mistress tells him to

Two cruel racer girls get their hands on one of their best friends. They order her to lie still and don't move. They both climb on top of her face and boy and start trampling her. They stomp her butt , chest and even face. How cruel are these sadosisters. Those dominating racer girls sure know how to have a good time. This brutal punishment goes on for hours and hours. I bet their friend is going to unfriend them on facebook.

She has just bought new high heels especially to punish this disobedient slave. He is ordered to lie on the floor and not to move. The Mistress starts trampling his entire body, even his face does not get spared. When will this punishment stop? Only the cruel and sadistic Mistress knows. Even his balls get stomped on with her newly bought high heels. Clearly this Dominatrix is enjoying punishing this poor slave of hers. What did he do to deserve this?

What a day for this hot mistress, she has her slave all for herself and decides he needs to be trampled on. She starts off slowly , but quickly she becomes violent and brutal. Stomping his entire body with her high heels, even his face doesn't get spared. Why is this slave letting her do this? He must be very afraid of his Mistress. Will she punish his balls and trample his feet? What a loser getting dominated by a hot blonde mistress

Princess Aalya is purposely walking around dirty stables trying to get her high heels filthy with manure. Her slave now has to lick those high heels clean. What a kinky Princess. Her slave better obey or he will get stomped on. This dominating Princess knows what she wants. She orders her slave on the floor and starts trampling his entire body. How cruel is this Mistress, what did her slave do to deserve this sadistic punishment?

This ballbusting Mistress enjoys trampling this slaves naked body. The slave is not really comfortable with this but he has no choice. He has to obey and listen to what the Mistress orders him to do. Get on the floor and let me stomp all over your face. Even his balls and cock are not spared. With her high heels the sadistic Mistress tramples on his penis. Is he ever going to be able to use his dick again? The Mistress really knows how to punish this slave

This slave gets crushed under the full weight of hot brunette, Sue as she walks on top of his head in her nylon stockings. Sue has just come home from work and needs to relieve her stress so she takes it out on her male slave by trampling on top of his head with her full weight. She has a good time trampling on top of his head with her stockings.

The two sexy girls, Kathi and Demis have a Trample contest to see who can last the longest with the other one on top trampling each other with their sexy bare feet. The girls are dressed in their exercise outfits as they work out on each other climbing on top of one another with their bare feet and seeing who can last the longest without calling it quits.

Hot blonde Jane abuses her male slave by trampling on top of his head with her pretty bare feet. The slave lies on the floor suffering under the full weight f Jane as she tramples and smushes his head with her sexy bare feet with red painted toe nails. She gives him her full pressure as she stands on top of him with the full weight of her bare feet.

Lady Charlotte is a stylish mistress with a pair of cute Converse sneakers. She is going to use her stylish sneakers to stomp on her slave's face. She will walk directly on his face with her sneakers, and love every minute of it. She even stands with both sneakers on his face using her full weight. Lady Charlotte loves her dominating and sadistic ways.

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