Trampling Clip

Hard and vicious trampling clips

Exotic brunette beauty Lady Saya puts the full weight of her hot body on top of her slave as she tramples him with her bare feet. first she walks over his head and chest with her white heels and then kicks her heels off and practices her dance moves over his head and body. She is wearing her short school girl skirt and her tight top as she tramples him

Lady B puts the full weight of her body on top of her fat slave wearing her black ranger boots which leave indentations in his bare skin. She tortures her slave by stomping up and down on his stomach in her black boots and then trampling over his bare hands. She even squeezes his nipples as she rubs the front of her boots back and forth over his sensitive skin

Pretty brunettes Teodora and Sibilla weigh themselves to see what theri combined weight is as they stomp and stand on their female slave. They want to see how much pressure their skinny slave bitch can endure as they stand with theri bare feet on top of her head crushing her head into the couch. The girls are wearing their sexy white spandex pants as they take turns standing on her

Blonde goddess Alice takes the first step over her slave Walter with her black high heels causing him to let out a loud grunt with the initial first step. It is only more pain from there as Alice tramples hard over his body with her black heeled shoes. She tramples him back and forth from head to toe causing poor Walter to feel a lot of pain as she takes time

Sexy Mistress Kitty as her slave just where she wants him, lying on the bridge in the middle of the woods. The hot, tall blonde tramples his head and face and his cock and balls without worrying about anybody looking. She crushes his throat hard with her pretty bare feet depriving her slave of air for a long time. She steps violently on his cock and balls causing severe pain

Athena and mia love to abuse their slave Gommolo. This time the two sexy girls stomp and trample all over the skinny slaves head as he lies shirtless on the floor being a good little submissive slave. The two girls jump, bounce and stomp on his face and head without worrying about the consequences which could be a bad injury to Gommolo's head and neck but they don't care.

The sexy brunette ladies Chantal and Chaila abuse their stupid teacher by trampling all over his body with their pink and white sneakers and then they undress him and make him wear a black thong. The ladies abuse him harshly taking a black leather whip and whipping it on his bare ass. The ladies get revenge for all of their teachers lewd remarks to them and take it out with punishment

The hot brunette Mistress Xenia tramples all over her slaves face as he lies on the couch underneath her. Xenia takes the time to trample over his face with her black boots causing the slave to be in a great deal of pain Her high heeled balck leather put a lot of pressure on her slaves face and he grimaces and grunts as she puts the full weight on him

Mistress Eve has her black heels on and tramples all over her slaves soft body leaving him marks all over his fat stomach. Her black heels slide into his fleshy stomach causing the slave to be in a great deal of pain as she jabs at him with her sharp heels. The heels have metal tips making it even more painful for the slave to endure underneath EVE's full weight

Sexy Princess Pumagirly destroys her slaves cock trampling all over it with her sexy brown suede wedge boots. Pumagirly uses her full weight and her heavy boots to crush his cock underneath. Sometimes she just kicks his penis for the hell of it and then goes back to trampling over it. The slave is in a great deal of pain as Pumagirly uses her full weight to trample hard on it

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