Trampling Clip

Hard and vicious trampling clips

Miss Liliane is a sultry and dominating mature mistress who has been around long enough to know how to give a slave a full body trampling. She leaves nothing left to trample. She subjects him to hand trampling and smashes his cock and balls beneath her shoes. She tramples his face and walks all over him smashing him with her full weight and treating him like a human carpet.

Lady B is into doll trampling and she has the perfect boots for it. Her boots are heavy with big chunky heels that do a lot of damage to the doll. She steps on the top with her full weight and smashes it flat into the floor. She walks all over it and you can barely see it sticking out from under her boots. The doll is completely crushed when she is done.

Judy is a smoldering hot brunette in short shorts and she is here to dominate you and make you satisfy her foot fetish. She tramples you with her shoes first then takes them off and tramples you some more with her sexy bare feet. You have to lick the sweat from between her toes before she continues to trample and humiliate you. She so hot and her legs are so beautiful you don't mind.

Madame Marissa looks so hot in her short denim shorts and high heels with her long supple legs. She's so hot that this slave is more than happy to take her punishment. She calls to him and makes him stretch his hands out so she can punish him with hand trampling. His fingers crack under the full weight of her high heels smashing them. She walks all over them while he kneels in pain.

Mistress Cassi looks like an exotic angel in her black stretch pants and sultry high heels as she takes her slave outdoors to a secluded spot where she can dominate him with her high heels. She makes him lick her shoes clean and suck all the dirt off then she stands on top of him with her full weight and tramples him. She adds to his humiliation with some face trampling.

Emily and Gia are 2 gorgeous fetish queens who work together to dominate one hairy slave. Both girls have high heels on. One is showing her soft and sexy bare legs while the other one is wearing sexy black stretch pants. They take turns standing on his chest and trampling him pushing their full weight down on their high heels until they dig into his chest and stomach and leave marks.

Sultry foot fetish babe Lady Svesda shows, yet again, that she tramples her slaves in the sexiest ways. It must be her soft, supple bare feet. She uses them here to give this slave a good face trampling. She slides her sexy bare feet over his face and rubs them all over. She crosses her legs relaxing and leaves her foot resting on his face and pushes down with her full weight.

This girl promised this guy that if he withstood what she threw his way, then she will give him some. So he endured her torture as she trampled his body with her feet and jumped on his body

Jenny wanted to test this slave's endurance. So she wore her boots and then jumped on his bare upper body. Then she removed the boots to trample his face with her bare feet

Jessica was wearing her heels. She was ready to punish the slave for not following her instructions. He lay down and she walked on his body with her heels inflicting a lot of pain

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